How do I order my books?

Before you can order books through the JSVU Webshop, you have to have an account on our website. Click here to sign up. As a member of the JSVU you can use your account to order your books, once your account has been processed and activated. This is only possible during the Book Ordering Period.

You can order your books to pick them up at the JSVU during the picking up period by clicking here. 

You can also order books to be delivered at home here. This option is possible during the whole year.

Since recently, you can also order your readers and choose for the option to pick them up in the JSVU Studystore as well, click here. 

Do you have a question about the webshop or about ordering your books? Send an e-mail to or call to +31 30 2400 811.

Book Ordering Period and Book Picking up Period

The Book Ordering Period 1 of academic year 2024-2025 starts at Wednesday the 3th of July and ends at Sunday 18th of August. The picking up period is from Wednesday the 28th of August until Wednesday the 7th of September 2024. During the Picking up period Domplein 24 (JSVU Studystore) is open every weekday between 2.00 and 4.00 pm. You can still order your books at home. 

When you order your books at the JSVU Webshop, you can get 10% discount on Dutch literature and 13% discounts on international literature if you are a member of the JSVU. 

Home delivery service 

You can also choose to deliver books at home; for Dutch literature there is 5% discount when you order two books or more and 13% discount on international literature.  You can order your books at home here. For the new academic year (first period), you can order your books from Wednesday 3 July via the home delivery service. 


Besides the books, most courses require readers as well. These readers contain jurisprudence and articles, collected by the University of Utrecht. You can also choose to pick up your readers in the JSVU Studystore. This is cheaper and more fun!



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